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We have several events and fundraisers throughout the year. We also have club meetings, that are open to each Lions and Leos Block Island club member.  Stay updated by joining our newsletter, following us on Facebook, or checking this page.

For any questions, please contact us at

Ongoing Fundraisers

Annual Fundraisers

Completed Fundraisers

Road Race

45TH  Run Around The Block 15K Road Race

We have a new course with a new finish line! The big hill is still there.

After a two year break, we are excited to hold this race, 47 years after Paul Riker and Vin McAloon started it. The proceeds from the race go to the Block Island Lion's Club and Michael and Daniel Batchelder Memorial Scholarship Fund


Click the link below to sign up.



Our club meetings are open to any Block Island Lions Club and Leos member.

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